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                (86 769)22884020 zhu@www.aq-diy.com
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                QianEn Tech Co.,Ltd

                Add:2nd Floor, No. 3 North Third Street, Hadi Daxin Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

                Tel:(86 769)22884020


                SolutionAnalysis and Laboratory
                Microbiology Testing2020-08-17
                Through electron microscopy, biometrics, or microbiological diagnostic systems to analyze the microbes that are invisible to the human eye is the current trend for diagnosis and research. There are many kinds of related instruments, such as a transmission electron microscope (TEM), energy filtering transmission electron microscope (EFTEM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), or cryo-electron microscopy. The mechanism and power requirements for different types of electron microscopes are different. In addition, there are extremely high requirements for EMC to ensure accurate and interference-free results and image. MEAN WELL offers a variety of high-performance medical-grade power supplies to fulfill the variety of requirements. In particular, the built-in bare-type RPS/MFM/MPM series can operate under fanless natural air-cooling conditions, avoiding vibrations that may affect imaging results.
                Blood Analysis2020-08-17
                Blood is a crucial connective tissue component in the human body. Doctors often analyze blood to evaluate the health condition of the human body. Therefore, blood analysis is an important method for academic study, clinical experiment or doctors examination of the patients body. Common blood analysis instruments include the centrifuge, automatic blood cell analyzer, hemoglobin analyzer, blood cell analyzer, blood cell counter, etc to further analyze the content and state of blood components. MEAN WELL’s PCB type MFM/MPM/RPS series power supply is suitable for driving electronic components or control boards such as motors, heating tubes, display screens inside blood analysis instruments.
                Biochemistry and Immunity Analysis2020-08-17
                With increasing environmental and food safety problems, the number of harmful bacteria to the human body is also expanding. The experimental and research institutions continue to provide detection and analysis of chemicals to assist in clinical diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment health physiology index, improve human immunity functions, biochemical analyzers, DNA analyzers, enzyme immunoassays, etc. Such medical equipment all requires stable DC voltage to drive. MEAN WELL’s enclosed type MSP/RPS series, modular NMP series, built-in PCB type MFM/MPM/RPS series are all suitable to provide not only the required electrical power but also increased safety features and performance.
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