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                (86 769)22884020 zhu@www.aq-diy.com
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                QianEn Tech Co.,Ltd

                Add:2nd Floor, No. 3 North Third Street, Hadi Daxin Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

                Tel:(86 769)22884020


                SolutionDiagnostic and Treatment
                Medical Aesthetic Device2020-08-17
                In recent years, aesthetic medicine has developed rapidly. More and more people are trying medical procedures to achieve body shaping effects, facial micro-shaping, hair regeneration, skin whitening, etc. At present, common medical instruments include liposuction machine, breast enhancement instrument, curve sculpture instrument, radio wave puller, laser cosmetic instrument, pulse light instrument, UV skin tester, etc. Medical aesthetic equipment also needs stable DC voltages to drive. For such medical aesthetic devices, MEAN WELL can provide built-in PCB type MFM / MPM / RPS series and external GSM / GEM series, providing a variety of standard medical power solutions.
                Medical Treatment Equipment2020-08-17
                With the advancement of electronic technology, compared with the traditional scalpels and procedures used during surgeries, electrical equipment has replaced non-electrical surgical equipment, such as da Vinci minimal invasive surgery, high-frequency electrosurgery, endoscopic electric cutters, shock wave lithotripter...etc. All types of electronic medical equipment require the DC voltage of the power supply to drive, and MEAN WELL’s enclosed type MSP/RPS-C series, or modular NMP series, PCB type MFM/MPM/RPS series, etc., can all provide a variety of DC output voltage options. The DC-DC module MDS/MDD series can be incorporated to achieve ultra-low leakage current <10μA and improve system EMI performance. In addition, portable instruments can also be powered by external GSM/GEM series adapters.
                Diagnostic Instruments2020-08-17
                The most common instruments are the electrocardiograph (ECG), electromyography (EMG), optometry instrument, dental chair, etc… Such diagnostic instruments are usually placed near the doctor and the patient, and the human body may touch the instrument during diagnosis, so the medical requirements of the power supply will be more stringent. In order to ensure human contact is safe, the power supply will need to meet 2xMOPP isolation level and should be designed with ultra-low leakage to be suitable for BF type or even CF type applied parts. These types of applications can select MEAN WELL’s medical PCB type RPS/MPM/MFM series or external adapter medical power supply GEM/GSM series. If the end equipment needs to meet <10μA ultra-low leakage current or higher isolation voltage, medical grade DC-DC MDS/MDD series may be used to achieve higher isolation and lower leakage current levels.
                Diagnostic Imaging System2020-08-17
                Medical imaging assists doctors to accurately grasp the patient’s conditions and treat the disease effectively and further for academic research. Common diagnostic instruments include X-ray, MRI, PET, ultrasonic instruments. Such medical imaging systems typically consist of multiple electronic components or control boards that require a single or multiple sets of DC output voltages. The appropriate medical power supplies shall be selected based on the end system’s electrical requirements, such as MOPP or MOOP requirement and built-in or external installations, etc. MEAN WELL can provide medical power solutions for 3~55VDC models ranging from 1~1200W output, such as MSP/RPS-C/NMP, all suitable for medical imaging systems.
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