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                (86 769)22884020 zhu@www.aq-diy.com
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                QianEn Tech Co.,Ltd

                Add:2nd Floor, No. 3 North Third Street, Hadi Daxin Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

                Tel:(86 769)22884020


                SolutionHome Healthcare
                Patient Health Monitoring2020-08-17
                Due to the development of modern medical technology , the medical technology has overcome the limitations of time and space in recent years. The patients electrocardiogram and blood sugar level data,etc can be transmitted through the computer network to the hospital or government monitoring unit to achieve remote diagnosis or monitoring. For patient monitors, blood oxygen monitors, networkable physiological monitors, network wireless monitoring systems, cameras, medical imaging scanners, etc. the equipment needs to operate from 80~264Vac full range input, and the isolation level of 2xMOPP and <100μf ultra-low leakage current needs to be fulfilled for patient contact equipment. MEAN WELL can provide miniaturized PCB mount type MPM/MFM series, open frame PCB type RPS series, and external GSM series.
                Home Healthcare2020-08-17
                In recent years, the home healthcare industry has flourished in countries worldwide. Patients with stable conditions can take care of themselves at home with home care devices, such as vapor drug intake, blood oxygen measurement, nebulizer, physiotherapy, and anti-decubitus,bed, etc. Those home care and portable devices must pass the European and US 60601-1-11 home medical safety certification and must meet the 2xMOPP high insulation and BF class for patient contact, ultra-low leakage current. Also, due to its high portability feature, an AC socket easy to plug and replace is required. MEAN WELL’s external medical adapter GSM/GEM series are suitable for these types of portable equipment. In addition, if the power is required to be built into the medical devices, the PCB mount type MPM/MFM series would be a perfect choice.
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