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                (86 769)22884020 zhu@www.aq-diy.com
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                QianEn Tech Co.,Ltd

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                SolutionRehabilitation and Assistive Device
                Electrical Assistive Device2020-08-17
                n general, for patients who need long-term bedside care or chronical diseases, the burden on the family members or caregivers is very immense, so the market for assistive tools such as common electric beds, electrical wheelchairs, electric lifts, electrical prostheses, etc. are helpful for providing care to the patients. Such electrical assistive devices rely on DC voltage motors to drive or combine with battery control systems (BMS) for charging. Such applications can utilize MEAN WELL’s open frame PCB MPM/MFM/RPS power supply series for built-in power or GSM/GEM series for external charging adapters, all complying with 2xMOPP and suitable for BF type applications.
                Rehabilitation Treatment2020-08-17
                As a response to the population aging, various home rehabilitation or care aids are developed to aid those in need. Commonly used instruments include cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, low-frequency therapy device, deep vein thrombosis, electric thermal pad, etc. Driven by the medical power supply of the latitude, this type of mobile or portable instrument is very suitable for the external adapter GSM/GEM series or the PCB type MPM/MFM/RPS series. The various models can fully satisfy various medical system requirements for stable and safe DC voltages. These series models can meet 2xMOPP insulation and are suitable for BF type equipment.
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